As dedicated music educators, we are consistently on the lookout for innovative approaches to refine our teaching methodologies and elevate the overall learning experience for our students. In alignment with this commitment, our educational products have been meticulously crafted to cater to these needs. One such solution is Music Snippet, our Google Add-on designed to empower you in creating engaging lessons, assignments, and more within the familiar environments of Google Docs and Slides, utilizing the robust musical editor capabilities of Flat for Education.

The versatility of Music Snippet knows no bounds, and today, we are excited to share some insightful ideas on how you can harness its potential to the fullest. Derived from meaningful conversations with fellow educators who have embraced this tool, we present a range of possibilities that can inspire your creativity and transform your music lessons. Join us on this exploration, and unveil the differnt ways in which this powerful tool can revolutionize and invigorate your approach to music education. Keep reading to discover how Music Snippet can be a game-changer in your teaching journey.

What is Music Snippet? 

Music Snippet is a handy Google add-on that smoothly combines musical notation with Google Docs and Slides. It makes it easy to add music notation directly to your documents and presentations without switching between apps. It simplifies adding music notation and tablature to Google Docs and Slides, and if you link your Flat for Education account, you can use the full notation editor to save and edit scores effortlessly.

Seamless integration with your Google Workspace

Designed for music teachers, this tool is great for creating engaging materials like resources, worksheets, presentations, and quizzes.

No more opening a separate program, creating a file, taking a screenshot, and then manually adding it to your documents!

"This app is easy to insert into documents. It is simple and clear! Not too many buttons to get confused with, even for younger students!" - Music Snippet user & music educator

💡By the way, did you know that Flat for Education seamlessly syncs with Google Classroom?

"The features that integrate directly with Google Classroom are solid gold for teachers. THANKS!" - Music Snippet user & music educator

Learn how to integrate Flat for Education with Google Classroom in this short video.

Time-saving integration:

Using this tool has many benefits, all aimed at helping you save time so you can focus more on teaching and in your students. Some of these benefits include:

  • Insert musical notations without leaving Google Docs or Slides.
  • Simple interface suitable for all users, including younger students.
  • Access to all of your scores created on Flat for Education through Google Slides & Docs.

How to access Music Snippet?

Music Snippet is intuitive, easy to use, and accessible to all. Here is how to download the add-on and get started!

  1. In Google Slides or Google Docs, go to your add-ons menu and select “Get Add-Ons”.
  2. Search for “Music Snippet” and install.
  3. When you are ready to use Flat for Education, return to your add-ons menu to select “Music Snippet” and “Open Music Snippet”, from there you can start creating!
  4. Once you've finished creating, select “Add snippet to document” to insert your composition as an image within a document.
  5. Flat for Education users can connect their account to the Music Snippet add-on, allowing them to use the full Flat for Education editor. Additionally, this will allow users to edit compositions and save them in their library.

If you want further details on how to get our add-on, check out the guide we've put together for you 👇🏼

The ultimate Music Snippet guide!
Master the easiest way to add musical notes to your Google Slides and Docs. Save time and make your content more interesting.

Ideas to Use Music Snippet in Class 

We talked Ms. Hoover, who advocates for students’ voices in the music room and strives to empower students throughout their musical experiences. She also spends time helping teachers transform their classrooms into student-centered learning environments!

Lately, she has been using Music Snippet’s add-on, and shared some creative ways she's used the product. Check some of our favorites out! 

Theory sheets

Music Snippets simplifies the process of creating music theory sheets for both educators and students. With this tool, you can efficiently generate custom sheets, providing valuable support for studying music and for conducting classes.

✨ This straightforward approach fosters a more efficient and engaging learning environment, benefitting educators and students alike in their exploration of music theory.

Slides to conduct class

Visual aids are invaluable in teaching, benefiting both educators and students across various settings, from traditional face-to-face classrooms to online learning where screen sharing is prevalent.

Music presentations in Music Snippet

💡These visual supports play a crucial role in enhancing comprehension and engagement, offering a dynamic way to convey information and concepts.

Rhythm flashcards

Rhythm flashcards are used to show different musical notes, rests, and patterns, helping students understand rhythm in a hands-on way.

In music education, understanding rhythm is essential. Rhythm flashcards will help your students build a strong rhythmic foundation. Use Music Snippet in Google Slides, to create and edit those flashcards to adapt exercises to students' needs and skills.

Rhythm Flashcard in Music Snippet

To craft these materials, we recommend choosing an unpitched instrument. This approach simplifies the displayed information, allowing students to focus on the rhythmic elements without being distratec by pitch, key signatures, or other details that are unnecessary for this specific aspect.

💡 Extra tip: you can even create your custom instruments for these kind of activities. Learn how below 👇🏼

Create and Save personnalized instruments configurations in your account - Flat
Custom instruments configurations lets you save setups in your accounts and reuse them quickly when you create new sheet music, or add extra parts to an existing document. Flat Help Center

✨ These flashcards make learning rhythm more enjoyable and engaging.

Printable Worksheets

A worksheet is an educational material to use for exercises, questions, or tasks related to music concepts. These sheets are designed to help students practice and reinforce their understanding of musical elements such as notes, rhythms, scales, and other fundamental aspects.

Blank staves for printable worksheets

To create blank measures or staves, make sure to user your color palette as shown in this guide 👇🏼

Create blank measures to generate leadsheet - Flat for Education
Flat lets you easily change the colors of the notes of your sheet music. Using that feature you will be able to create blank measure and your very own leadsheet. Flat Help Center

Worksheets can cover a range of topics, from music theory to ear training, and are often used as part of a broader curriculum to support the development of musical skills. So, our suggestion is to have some templates, you can quickly adapt, print, and use with students of different levels to cover different topics.

Remember you can add guidelines for your students with the annotation tool:

Add text - Flat for Education
Select the position where you want to add text, click on the annotation icon and type your text.. Flat Help Center

As an example, when you are teaching the modes, you can have a worksheet like the one below. You can easily print it for your students to complete by inserting the different modes of the chosen key.

Modes worksheet

Another example involves note identification worksheets. Using the annotation tool and your color palette, you can create a worksheet similar to the one below. In this worksheet, you would instruct your students to position the written letter notes on the staff.

Other simple ideas are:

✅ Have students compose simple melodies or rhythm patterns.

✅ Explore transposition concepts with your students using the transposition tool.

✅ Use the tablatures to create guitar lessons.

... and much more! The possibilities are endless ✨

We hope that these ideas inspire you to take your classes to the next level with Music Snippet!

Continual Improvement and Collaboration

Your feedback is invaluable to us. Share your experiences and creative approaches with Music Snippet at [email protected] !

Together, let's elevate music education to new heights.