Over the years, Flat for Education has expanded its scope and features, always trying to find new ways to support music teachers and their students. Our latest Google add-on, Music Snippet, is one more way to make sure music enthusiasts everywhere can easily share music together.

We recently got the question about how the two products differ and how they complement one another. We thought it might be a good time to share the answer with all of you, in case you were asking yourself the same thing!

Flat for Education is an engaging, interactive web-based tool that can be described as a one-stop shop for music education. Creativity and ease of use are at the heart of every feature, from student assignments and quizzes to integration with the teacher's preferred LMS. Activities focused on composition, music theory and performance can be used individually or collaboratively in the classroom and at home. And because Flat for Education is COPPA and FERPA compliant, it can be safely used by students of all ages. There is a fee to use Flat for Education: our starter package is $100 per year for up to 50 licenses that can be assigned to students and teachers (and $2/license after the first 50).

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Get started on Flat for Education 

Music Snippet is a free add-on available on the Google Marketplace that allows anyone to easily add music notation and tabs to documents and presentations, no Flat for Education account is required. Still, we designed it to take full advantage of the Flat for Education platform, as Music Snippet allows teachers and students to integrate attractive visual elements into their work with just a few clicks. No more opening a program, creating a file, taking a screenshot, and then copying it into your documents!

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How to use Music Snippet

As different as the two tools are, they work very well together. Music Snippet leverages Flat for Education's technology and allows users to insert music notations directly into documents and slides without leaving the application. Users who link their Flat for Education account to Music Snippet can use the full notation editor, save and edit scores, and access their entire music library! These are just a few of the ways users can save a lot of time when creating the music content they need.

And again, although it is beneficial to connect Music Snippet to Flat for Education, it is absolutely possible to use Music Snippet for free without connecting to Flat for Education!

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